Dorsten: 3229 Englisch Stufe B2 Carry on Talking

Englisch Stufe B2 Carry on Talking

Vormittagskurs - Kleingruppe
This course gives you the opportunity to talk about many different subjects. It is mainly a conversation course but you will also be able to practise important aspects of grammar. We talk about what we have done during the week or about things we have heard in the news. We work on course material, solve exercises mainly orally and sometimes we write things down and read them out. The teacher always encourages you to give spontaneous answers. You are of course welcome to suggest a theme that you are interested in for a future lesson. The lessons take place in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and you always go home with a smile on your face.
Der Kurs findet im Hybrid-Format statt, d. h. Sie entscheiden selbst, ob Sie am Präsenzunterricht oder online teilnehmen möchten.

Dr. Lyn Heiming
VHS; Raum 209
mittwochs, 9.00 - 10.30 Uhr
ab 19.10.22
8 Termine, 16 Ustd.
62,- EUR
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