Dorsten: 3227 Englisch Stufe B1/B2 Can't Stop Chatting
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Englisch Stufe B1/B2 Can't Stop Chatting

The most flexible way to learn a language is to be thrown into ice-cold water. So, why not jump in yourself and gain your self-confidence? This course is for learners who want to be able to express themselves in 'nearly' all situations. There are interesting topics to talk about, texts combined with grammar, all within a friendly and relaxing atmosphere.
Bei Bedarf findet der Kurs im Online-Format statt.

Pauline Ann Seiler
VHS; Raum 218
dienstags, 19.30 - 21.00 Uhr
ab 08.02.22
13 Termine, 26 Ustd.
112,- EUR
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