Dorsten: 3222 Englisch Stufe B1/B2 English Cathedrals - "Ships of Heaven"
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Englisch Stufe B1/B2 English Cathedrals - "Ships of Heaven"

Picture show in English
These architectural, cultural and historical treasures are well worth having a look at, from Medieval times through the Reformation to the present day. Here you will see where generations of people found their central focus in life. Remember in those days there were no Internet, TV, Radio or Newspapers. Cathedrals and churches in general would replace most of these. They were also indoor markets, places of justice, meeting points and even places of pilgrimage. This evening, on a voyage of discovery we will be visiting ten of the most famous cathedrals: Wells, Worcester, Gloucester, Winchester, Durham, Ely, Salisbury, York, Canterbury and St. Pauls in London. In our modern, hectic times it might be interesting to stop, relax and reflect on what our ancestors saw in these massive 'Ships of Heaven'.

Laurence Browning
VHS; Forum
Donnerstag, 29.02.2024
19.30 - 21.00 Uhr
1 Termin, 2 Ustd.
8,- EUR
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